b'Pilot Scale MixersAX SeriesThis series of mixers is designed for small-scale production in pilot plants, research institutes, hospital pharmacies, etc. Light and easily operated, AX series models have a capacity of up to 50 litres.Model AX5 Model AX3 Model AX/Air The AX5 features touch padThe Model AX3 features a fixedThe Model AX/Air is powered by controls and is compatible withspeed 0.75kW (1 hp) 3 phasean intrinsically safe compressed Silversons DataLogger system. motor.TEFC, Flameproof/ATEXair motor suitable for use in MotorRated and stainless steel motorsFlameproof/ATEX Rated areas.Powerful 0.75kW (1 hp) 220voltare available.Variable speedStands single phase motor (110 voltavailable via an inverter as anManual or electric rise and fall optional) 50/60 Hz. optional extra. stands are available for use with Speed Control More powerful motors allowing the AX3 and AX/Air models.Infinitely variable speed a maximum speed of up tocontrol. Nominal maximum 6000 rpm are also available.speed 6000 rpm.Electric Rise & Fall Stand The unit features an integralrise and fall stand with touchpad controls. Silverson.com 12'