b'Batch MixersDuplex DisintegratorDissolverThe Duplex was specifically developed for the disintegration and solubilisation of solid rubbers and polymers for the luboil and adhesive industries, but its success has now seen its introduction into all fields of mixing, whether chemical, pharmaceutical or food.The Duplex differs from the standard multipurpose batch mixers in having two workheads facing in opposite directions; the upper head pulls materials down from the surface of the mix, while the lower head draws material up from the base of the vessel.The combined use of two workheads makes the Duplex ideal for applications where light or buoyant material (powders, rubbers and polymers, etc.) needs to be drawn down from the surface of a mix and rapidly dispersed. Because of the added movement afforded by the two workheads, the Duplex is also ideal for use on high viscosity materials.Typical Applications-Rapid solution of rubbers and polymers into lubricating oils, solvents and bitumen for the production of luboils, adhesives and bituminous compounds -Disintegration and dissolving of solid resin for the production of varnish-Vegetable and meat pure/slurries-Recovery of waste confectionery 21 High Speed High Shear Mixers'