b'Powder/Liquid MixersPerformanceTypical liquid flow and powder incorporation rates are as follows:Liquid Flow Gums & Model (tonnes/hour) Thickeners Milk Proteins SugarsFMX25 20 600 1,700 1,000FMX50 40 1,100 7,000 3,500FMX75 90 2,600 14,000 10,000* Powder incorporation rates shown are in kilos/hour and are for guidance onlyOperationThe Flashmix is designed for use in a recirculation system as shown above. Powder is rapidly incorporated by the self-pumping Flashmix, and a brief period of recirculation results in an agglommerate-free, homogeneous dispersion.An auxiliary in-tank mixer or agitator will normally be required to maintain uniformity in the process vessel.43 High Speed High Shear Mixers'