b'General Duty In-Line Mixers Silverson offers a range of In-Line mixers suitable for hazardous and aggressive chemical service. These units are of robust and simple construction which ensures that maintenanceis easy and downtime minimal. With some of the highest rotor tip speeds and shear rates in the industry, production times can be cut by up to 90%, reducing mechanical wear and maintenance requirements while offering better particle size reduction, emulsification, rapid solubilisation and dispersion.Optional Features-Jacketed units for temperature sensitive products-Non-standard materials of construction such as hastelloy, titanium and hardened steelsfor processing highly abrasive or corrosive products-High capacity units with self-pumping capacities of up to 200,000 litres per hourTypical ApplicationsBitumens, Edible oil refining, Drilling Muds, Adhesives, Luboils, Pigment dispersions, Titanium dioxide, etc.In-Line WorkheadsGeneral PurposeSlottedSquare Hole HighEmulsor ScreenDisintegrating Head Disintegrating Head Shear Screen TMGeneral PurposeSlotted DisintegratingCombined Configuration:Combined Configuration: Disintegrating Head, Head, Multistage InnerInner General PurposeInner Slotted with Outer Multistage Inner and Outer with Outer SlottedSquare Hole Highand Outer Disintegrating Head Shear Screen TMSilverson.com 36'