b'Mobile Floor StandsA comprehensive range of mobile hydraulic floor stands is available for small to medium scale batch mixers. These enable a machine to be moved from vessel to vessel and to be raised and lowered during operation, if required, in order to give the optimum mixing position at varying stages of the process. The use of a suitable stand greatly increases the flexibility and versatility of the machine.Construction Manually operated hydraulic rams are standard. Pneumatically and electrically powered units are available as an optional extra. Unless otherwise specified, all stands are constructed in mild steel and finished in a durable polyester epoxy paint finish. Stands are also available constructed in Grade 304 stainless steel.Yoke MountingYoke mounting jib arms are available for applications where a low ceiling height or high vessel rim height prevents a standard floor stand from being used. They also restrict the movement of the mixer in the vessel.Floor/Wall Mounted Stands Where a mobile stand is not required, fixed position floor/wall mounted stands are available.Silverson.com 24'