b'Technical SpecificationsMaterials of StandardChemical Construction Unit DutyWetted Parts:316L Stainless FMX25 with 40 litre hopperWetted Parts:Special MaterialsChassis: 304 StainlessElastomers: VitonElastomers: OtherOperating Pressure 150 psi 150 psi(10 bar) (10 bar) Sack table optionMotorTEFCOther - Stainless,Flameproof/ATEXInlet/Outlet ConnectionsTri-Clamp FMX50 with 100 litre profiled hopperFlangeOther e.g., RJT, SMS, etc.SealingSingle MechanicalDouble Mechanical Powder feed suction hoseUltra-Hygienic Single/Double MechanicalPowder FeedManual Butterfly ValveOther e.g., Manual Ball Valve, Pneumatic, etc.Powder Feed Suction HoseStandard Optional FMX75 with 300 litre profiled hopperSilverson.com 44'