b'Verso Pilot Scale In-line MixersSpecialised MixersVerso UHSAn Ultra-Hygienic version of the standard model, theVerso UHS is designed for stringent applications inthe Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries aswell as Food, Cosmetics and other clean industries. It features Silverson-designed Ultra-Hygienic single mechanical shaft seals and can be converted to double mechanical shaft seals. Verso-HVThe Verso-HV is designed for mixing higher viscosity products. It incorporates the same unique and innovative pumping rotor design as the production scale UHS-HV In-Line mixers. This substantially increases its self-pumping capacity, allowing it to process products such as gels, creams, sauces and gum solutions on a laboratory scale. The Verso-HV also provides simple and accurate means of scaling up to Silversons production scale UHS-HV mixers.FMX5 Powder/Liquid Mixer The new Silverson FMX5 is a laboratory scale version of the Flashmix powder/liquid mixer (see page 39). It provides a simple, effective and hygienic means of powder/liquid mixing on a laboratory scale and is capable of handling higher viscosity mixes. The FMX5 is supplied with a 1 litre stainless steel powder feed hopper. Other types of hopper, e.g., a profiled version to assist with the flow of cohesive powders are available. The FMX5 is suitable for small scale manufacturing and offers an accurate and easy means of predicting the performance ofproduction scale Flashmix models in the laboratory, streamlining the scale-up process.15 High Speed High Shear Mixers'