b'Operating SequenceOperation Liquid is forced through the system by the pump (1). The liquid flow through the venturi assembly (2) creates a vacuum, boosted by the pumping action of the Silverson In-Line mixer (3). When powder is present in the hopper (4), the valve (5) can be opened and powder is drawn down into the venturi by the vacuum. The powder/liquid mix immediately passes into the high shear rotor/stator assembly of the Silverson In-Line mixer, ensuring a finely dispersed and agglomerate-free mixture. The resultant product is passed back to the process vessel by the pumping action of the machine.Once the hopper is empty, the sensor (6) will automatically shut the valve, minimising aeration. When the powder sensor closes the powder feed valve, product flow can be diverted round a bypass line (7) by the divertor valve (8). The high flowrate in this mode ensures a scouring action of the venturi housing, keeping the area free of any build-up of partially hydrated powder. The bypass position is also used for Cleaning-In-Place (CIP), ensuing that the venturi area is cleaned to as high a standard as normal hygienic piping.Advantages-Suitable for large scale production -Repeatability-Can be incorporated into automated systems -Speed-Fully sterilisable units available -Minimum aeration-Can be customised to suit client requirements -Improved vessel hygiene-Agglomerate-free productSilverson.com 46'